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IT demand manager - Székesfehérvár - Székesfehérvár


The IT demand manager in Hydro GBS is responsible for the portfolio management of incoming IT/IS demands and the management of the demand process from intake till landing into a request or project.

The IT demand manager covers IT infrastructure and later application demands coming from Global Business Services (GBS) IT organisation or from various Business Areas of Hydro or from Corporate IT.

Establishing cloud demand management framework and extend to other service areas. Establish and own cloud governance and related processes.


  • General

    • Owns the demand management process

    • Responsible for the demand management process execution

    • Continuous improvement of the demand management process

    • Establish and maintain cloud governance structure and framework

  • Demand intake

    • Acts as single point of contact for IT/IS demands coming from within the GBS organisation and from business areas

    • Ensures that all necessary information is provided by the requestor in order to complete the demand intake process

    • Ensure all relevant GBS IT department is involved

    • Owns the demand intake template

  • Demand assessment

    • Facilitates the demand assessment triage process - drives for decision on demand categorisation (Business as usual, Project, Mini project) or redirects the demand to the standard ITIL processes of request and change management

    • Gather capacity/feasibility forecast from service delivery teams based on the demand

    • Ensures funding for the demand, where necessary

    • Responsible to get controlling organised the right workhours registration setups where required

    • Responsible for getting project manager assigned to demands resulting in Project

    • Cooperates with Technical Architect, PMO, Controlling and Service delivery teams

    • Accountable to have all the documents delivered within the demand management process

  • Demand landing

    • Landing demand to an existing service or a new request or project

    • Reports out on status to the internal management team and to business stakeholders till demand landing

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PMO Expert - Székesfehérvár és HomeOffice - Székesfehérvár


The PMO Expert in Hydro GBS is responsible for overall support in different PMO functions related to services and areas within the PMO organization starting from the vision and ideas till the implementation and ownership of such factors.

The role focuses portfolios within Hydro GBS or support Corporate PMO functions (e.g. Cyber Security Program) – and drive the setup of the overall PMO functions framework, proposes solutions and forms view on its structure.


  • General

    • Owns the PMO support functions and processes

    • Responsible for the PMO functions and services implementation, improvements

    • Continuous improvement of the PMO support functions and process based on alignments within portfolios and programs

    • Establish and maintain PMO functions structure and framework

  • Assessment

    • Understand state of PMO functions and services framework and structure, seeking for possible improvement possibilities

    • Align with GBS IT PMO organizations and within portfolios and programs and assess possible needs and requirements in terms of PMO functions and services

    • Ensure full ownership and overview on all detailed aspects of PMO functions and services to be able to act upon possible change requests and improvement activities

  • Transformation

    • Facilitates discussions and activities throughout PMO Functions team making sure proper implementation of functional services and changes

    • Continuous quality checks on functional processes, reporting, information gathering and data tracking

    • Cooperates with Infra PMO and GBS Organization making sure proper understanding of covering full aspect of PMO functionalities, services and processes

    • Responsible for supporting and assisting PMO Functions team working on the necessary improvements and changes related the overall framework, structure and modules

    • Accountable to have all the documents delivered within the PMO functional processes

  • Communication

    • Ambassador of the overall view of the GBS IT PMO functions and communicate appropriately

    • Reports out on status of overall management of activities and changes